1.Remedies for pain and illnesses of the digestive tract

pEbers 189

    When thou examinest a man who suffers from his stomach, every one of his limbs is weighed down as happens when fatigue occurs, then thou shalt place thy hand on his belly. And if thou findest his belly similar to a drum, coming and going beneath thy fingers, then thou shalt say: This is the sluggishness of the nourishment, which doesn't let him continue eating.
    Then thou shalt prepare for him some purgative, (e.g.) stones of dates, pressed through congealed beer, and his appetite will return.
    When thou examinest him after this has been done, and thou findest the side of his body warm and his belly cold, then thou shalt say: The sluggishness has passed.
    Then thou shalt have him guard his mouth from any roasted meat.

pEbers 190

    When thou examinest a man who suffers from constipation, who has coughing fits, while his suffering is beneath the flanks of his body like lumps of excrement, then thou shalt say of it: These are swellings of his flanks while his stomach has contracted.
    Then shalt thou prepare for him effective remedies to be drunk, (e.g.) fresh gruel, fermented in oil and honey, 1/32 sam, 1/16 Snj-seeds, 1/8 SASA. This thou shalt add to it (i.e. the gruel) and cook it until it is a homogeneous mass, which will be drunk during 4 days.
    When thou examinest him thereafter and thou findest him in the same state of suffering as during the first time, that means he will recover.

pEbers 191

    When thou examinest a man suffering from his stomach who has pain in his upper arm and in his chest on the side of his stomach [1], then it shall be said: This is the wAD-disease. Then thou shalt say: Something has entered his mouth. Death is approaching him.
    Then thou shalt prepare for him an enlivening remedy of herbs, (e.g.) 1 part peas, 1 part njwnjw, 1 part jnnk, 1 part dSrw of the sXt-fruit, this shall be cooked in oil and drunk by the man.
    Then thou shalt lay thy hand on him while it is bent, so that the upper arm shall feel better, until he is free of pain. Then thou shalt say: This illness has exited through the rectum and the anus. Never shall this cure be repeated.

pEbers 192

    When thou examinest a man who suffers from his stomach and vomits frequently: When thou findest it on his front, his eyes are inflamed and his nose is running. Then thou shalt say: These are products of decay of his mucus, they do not want to descend to his pelvic region as his mucus.
    Then thou shalt prepare for him: Wheat cakes with much sam, added to it a measure filled with onions and steeped in beer given as medicine, with it fat meat of a cow, and it shall be eaten by the man, chased down with special offering-beer, so that both his eyes shall open and his xnt-illness shall wane by descending as mucus.

[1] Pain in the left side of the chest and upper arm are at times accompanied by stomach pain and are indicative of a heart attack.


2. Remedy for coughing

pEbers 305

    Beginning of the remedies for the removal of a cough: Fresh colocynth [1], put into a new pot full of water, drink for 4 days.

pEbers 306

    Another: Colocynth, cook in sweet beer 5 drink during 4 days.

pEbers 307

    Another: Thou shalt take a "halved pot", one half with water, one half with colocynth. Then thou shalt cause him to spend four days: he shall spend the day in the light, he shall spend the night in the dew. Then thou shalt cause ¼ of 5 be poured out of this "halved pot", he who has the cough shall be made to drink it, so that he will recover immediately.

[1] colocynth: North African gourd, the fruit contains alcaloids and has purgative effects.


3.Remedy for eye problems

pEbers 415

    Another (remedy) for the removal of the cloudiness of the eye, the darkness, poor sight and the (demonic) influence which comes into being in both eyes: rotten wood 1, verdigris 1, meal of the colocynth 1, leaf of the thorny acacia 1, pearl of resin of the African ebony tree 1, water of the obw-plant 1. It shall be made into an homogeneous mass, it shall be made into dough, it shall be dried, it shall be broken up over water, it shall be put on the outside of both eyes.

verdigris (copper) has anti-bacterial properties, colocynth contains alacaloids, acacia leaves contain tannins


4.Remedies for bite wounds

pEbers 432

    Another (remedy) against the bite of a person: grounds from the anDw-bowl, leek. It shall be cut into small pieces, it shall be made into an homogeneous mass. It shall be dressed with it.

pEbers 433

    Another, second remedy: Incense 1, yellow ochre 1, gall of a goat 1, it shall be made into an homogeneous mass. It shall be dressed with it.


5.Recipes for the treatment of hair

pEbers 464

    Beginning of the recipes for hair growth: sAr-plant cut into small pieces 1, in oil 1, it shall be mixed into water from the pAw-a body of water. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 465

    Another (remedy) for hair growth on a bald man: Fat of lion 1, fat of hippo 1, fat of crocodile 1, fat of tom-cat 1, fat of snake 1, fat of Nubian ibex 1. It shall be made into an homogeneous mass, the head of the bald man shall be anointed therewith.

pEbers 466

    Another (remedy) for hair growth due to nsso-illness: Hair of the porcupine, it shall be boiled in water, the head shall be anointed therewith for four days.

pEbers 467

    Another (remedy): Ochre crushed in bile 1 shall be added to it. Cut-open afA-plant shall be added to it. That which is in a mussel, crushed in ladanum 1. It shall be applied.

pEbers 468

    Another remedy for hair growth, made for Shesh, the mother of his majesty the king of Upper and Lower Egypt (Teti), the justified: Leg of a female greyhound 1, stone of a date 1, hoof of a donkey 1. It shall be cooked vigorously in oil in a DADA-pot. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 469

    Another (remedy): Black lizard, it shall be crushed like a metal kAt-mtrxt vessel, it shall be boiled in oil. One shall anoint therewith.

pEbers 476

    It (i.e. the hair) is to be removed as follows: Carapace of a turtle, it shall be cooked, it shall be crushed, it shall be added to fat from the leg of a hippo. One shall anoint therewith, very very very frequently.


6.Survival prognoses of a new-born

pEbers 838

    Another way of knowing about a child the day he is born: If he says ny, this means he will live. If he says mbj, this means his death.

pEbers 839

Another way of knowing: When one hears his voice groan, this means his death. If he turns his face downwards, this too means death.