(27 May, 2011) Graduate History Workshop

Dear Workshoppers,

Please welcome to our workshop this Friday Rebecca Nedostup, a visiting scholar from my alma mater, Boston College.  Prof. Nedostup has written extensively on the role of religion and superstition in the supposedly secular China of the Republican era, publishing most recently, Superstitious Regimes: Religion and the Politics of Chinese Modernity (Harvard University Press, 2009).  While I am sure she would be happy to answer questions about this fascinating book, she will be presenting her current research on the problem of dispersed persons and displaced bodies in the postwar communities of China and Taiwan.  As I know that many of you grapple with the issue of access to sources in China, Prof. Nedostup will also address her own successes—and failures—in this regard.  Please recommend this, our last, workshop presentation of the season, to your friends, both here and at other campuses.

Looking forward to seeing you all in conference room 108 this Friday, 3:30pm.

Best, Mike


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