Graduate History Workshop, Conference, and History Film Club Schedule, 2010—11

Graduate History Workshop, Conference, and History Film Club Schedule, 2010—11 

All events, unless advertised to the contrary, will be on Friday at 3:30pm, in the History Department; workshops will be in room 101 and films in room 209, unless stated otherwise.

17 Sep. Zhang Jiejie, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “America?s Cultural Diplomacy Toward China: the State Department?s China Program, 1941—49.” 
24 Sep. Confronting Amnesia: Frozen Memories of the Russian Gulag. By John J. Michalczyk and Ronald A. Marsh. 52 min. Etoile International Productions. 
15 Oct. Hong Cao and Tian Wuxiong. Roundtable: Studying and researching at universities and archives outside China. 
22 Oct. Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property. Charles Burnett, dir. 60 min. National Endowment for the Humanities, 2002. 
12 Nov. Zhao Yanjie (Helen), PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “Family Affairs and National Affairs: The Discourse of Family Revolution in Modern China.” 
19 Nov. Jesus Camp. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, dirs. 84 min. A&E Television, 2006. 
26 Nov. Hong Cao, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “From the Right of Privacy to the Right to Choose: Reflections on Privacy, Law, and the Politics of Rights in Postwar America.” 
10 Dec. Kim Donggil, associate professor, Dept. of History. TBA.

* * *

4 March. Nikita Vul, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of History. “Paying the Price for Ignorance: The Sino—Soviet Conflict over the Chinese Eastern Railway, 1925—26, and the Failure of Soviet Policy in Northeast China.” 
11 March. Chinatown. Roman Polanski, dir. Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway. 130 min. Paramount Pictures, 1974. 
18 March. Joseph Esherick, Visiting Scholar, University of California at San Diego. “Doing Research on Modern Chinese History: From the 1911 Revolution, to the Boxer Uprising, to Family History.” Room 108. 
1 April. Feng Jia, MA candidate, Dept. of History. “Translating ?Black Washington? in Republican China: Three Chinese Versions of Booker T. Washington?s Autobiography Up from Slavery.” 
8 April. The Concrete Revolution. Xiaolu Guo, dir. 60 min. Xiaolu Guo, 2004. 
15 April. Tong Xin, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. TBA. 
29 April. Liu Jiang, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “How to Govern an Empire: Research on the Official Documents System During the Song Dynasty, 960—1279.” 
6 May. Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy. Daniel Yergin and William Cran, writers/producers. 120 min. Heights Productions, 2002. 
13 May. Chen Boyi, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “Interaction in an Old World: Fukenese, Spaniards, and Dutch in Southeast Coastal China, 1500s—1600s.” 
27 May. TBA.