Graduate History Workshop — Tentative Schedule for 2009–2010

All workshops, unless advertised to the contrary, will be on Friday at 4:00pm, in room 108.

27 Nov. Jane Zhang, PhD candidate, Dept. of History.  “In Quest of Mushroom Clouds:Perspectives of Nuclear-Weapon Strategy from the ChineseSide.”

11 Dec. Liu Qing, PhD candidate, Dept. of History.  “Americans’ Imagination of the Far Eastand Empire Building: U.S. Responses to the Boxer Rebellion and Russo–JapaneseWar.”

25 Dec. Dr. Mike Chapman, seminar: “Writing a Proposal: Brainstorming a Thesis, Proof of Concept, and the Three Uses of Historiography.”

8 Jan. Fei Sheng, PhD candidate, Dept. of History. “The 'Environmental Image'of Colored People in Colonial Australia: A Focus on Contemporary Caricatures.”

5 Mar.  Dr. Nikita Vul, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of History.  [Chinese Warlordism.] 
19 Mar.  Dr. Mike Chapman, seminar: “Gathering the Evidence: Blitzing Archives, and Source 
2 Apr.  Presenter required. 
16 Apr.  Dr. Mike Chapman, seminar: “Presenting the Evidence: Textual Immersion, Fluid Prose, and the Fine Art of Précis.” 
30 Apr.  Presenter required. 
14 May.  Dr. Mike Chapman, seminar: “Structuring the Work: Building the Argument, and Continuity by Design.” 
28 May.  Presenter required. 
11 Jun.  Dr. Mike Chapman, seminar: “Publishing a Paper: Peer Reviews, and Professional Ethics.”